Teacher autonomy and curriculum change

Participant Information Sheet: Teacher autonomy and curriculum change


As part of my studies for my Master’s of Education at the University of Dundee I will be conducting a study that will investigate the effects that the process of curriculum change has on teachers’ perceptions of autonomy and identity.

What will this involve?

I will carry out research that will be based upon an analysis of data gained from opinions given by teachers. The data will be taken in two ways:

  1. An initial survey that will ask you some questions about your professional background, your understanding of the role of teachers and the relationship between teachers and other stakeholders.
  2. Semi-structured interviews that will be recorded and later transcribed.

In August a copy of the final report will be available for all participants.

Do I have to take part in this project?

All members are free to opt out of participation in this project at any point and without explanation.

How will data be handled?

All data will be stored electronically and recorded in confidentiality. No personal details will be presented in the report, or made available to anyone other than myself. Furthermore, care will be taken to conceal the identities of all participants.


Taking part in this project will help both me and the school to develop. It will also give you an insight into teacher conceptions of professionalism and identity. If you would like to ask me any questions about this project, or you have any doubts etc., please do not hesitate to contact me either in person or by email viceprincipal@ias.edu.pl


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